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Important Info: Scratch Mold Workshop @ GFS

Pre-registration is required
Register TODAY! CAll GFS Now: (609) 586 0616


Workshop Process

The scratch mold workshop will be held in two sessions – Session 1 is from 10:00-11:30am and Session 2 from 12:00-1:30pm.  Due to limited space in each workshop, participants may only take part in the session that they are registered for.  We will attempt to pour molds in the order that they are completed and submitted to our crew.  Please arrive early to get your scratch block and allow yourself adequate time to execute your design (at least 1 hour). As a registered workshop participant, you will receive a small block (approximately 8″ x 8″) of bonded sand in which to carve or “scratch” your own unique design.  Hand tools (nail, files, grinding stones) will be provided and must be returned upon completion of your mold so that other artists may create their designs.

Please keep in mind that your finished casting will be an opposite, mirror image of the design that you carve into the sand block.  If you want to use text, the letters will have to be carved in reverse (see above). TIP: We highly recommend that you create a sketch of your design and bring it with you — it is also perfectly fine to create a design spontaneously!!

                   Joanna's Tree

Once the molds are finished, they will be lined up and cast when the metal is removed from the furnace in molten form.  The casts will be allowed to cool and AnOg Intl. artists will grind off any sharp bits.  Participants willing to wait until 5:00pm or later will be able to take their sculpture home the same day!  Participants can return to the GFS during regular park hours to pick-up their castings through December 2nd.  GFS will not ship or mail casting to workshop participants.

Workshop registration includes admission to the Grounds for Sculpture (GFS).



The workshop is for all levels of participants and will be instructed and supervised by our expert team of artists. Artist’s tools and materials can be hazardous if not used safely.  All scratch mold workshop participants will be required to wear protective eye wear, disposable gloves and dust respirators.  A cast iron pour is a very busy activity; participants are are asked to be thoughtful of others working close by.

The cast-iron pour demonstration will produce intense heat and light and the work area around the furnace will be barricaded.  Spectators will be asked to watch from a safe distance and must not encroach upon the work area.  No horseplay is allowed!!!