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AbOut the Collective

The AbOminOg

The AbOminOg


To teach and facilitate artists of diverse backgrounds, age groups and skill levels in the creation of cast- metal sculptural artworks within an inspiring, supportive and sustainable setting; to expand our positive impact on the community and the art world at large through increased capacity and outreach.


In 1999, AbOminOg Intl. Arts Collective (AnOg Intl.) sprang into being when our small group of allied artists constructed a metal casting facility to produce artwork of a variety and complexity difficult to achieve outside of a commercial Fine Art foundry.  The homespun works are made of industrial waste recycled from scrap yards and demolition sites.  Over the years, many artists and art enthusiasts have participated in AnOg Intl. metal casting events, working together to create a wide array of sculpture, ranging from a child’s frank expression to accomplished works by disciplined sculptors.

We take pride in our DIY approach to the realization of our work, and wish to share an exciting opportunity with the public.  At AnOg Intl., each artist contributes their “sweat equity” to the intense choreography that cast-metal sculpture production requires.  Working in collaboration with individuals and organizations, AnOg Intl.’s educational workshops and scheduled art events present a unique and important venue to teach, enable, and empower.

AbOminOg: Iron Hearts
Pouring Iron with AbOminOg Intl. Arts Collective

Featuring: MC Reiley, Rory Mahon, Scot Thompson, Kate Graves, Robin Robinson, David Robinson, Aylin Green.
With artwork by: MC Reiley, Kate Graves, Oki Fukunaga, Rory Mahon, Gregore Alexis Bugaeff, Dave Bruno
Music: Come On, Let’s Go by Honah Lee
Video created by Zachary Smith and Maria Ivarsson:
Additional Camera: Richard McLean

Shot at the studio of AbOminOg Intl. Arts Collective with additional footage from Trenton Art All Night, Art All Day, and Grounds for Sculpture